Revolutionizing Research with Digital Excellence

Experience the future of research with Quinary's cutting-edge solutions transforming the landscape of research, ensuring faster, safer and more effective outcomes.

Revolutionizing clinical research

Quinary has pioneered the concept of ECMO (Ethics Committee Management Organization) and transformed the landscape of clinical research, offering benefits to all stakeholders involved.

Innovative, practical, efficient solutions

Our mission is to introduce innovative, practical, and efficient solutions that significantly reduce cycle times and enhance the quality of end products in the healthcare and clinical research sectors.

Quality in clinical research processes

Various key services, including e-IRB (Electronic Institutional Review Board), DSMB & Adjudication services, and Archival solutions.

Efficient, transparent, and impactful

Power of technology, commitment to excellence, and our innovative approach, helps you advance the healthcare research and make clinical research efficient, transparent, and impactful.

About Quinary Clinical Research

Pioneering Excellence in Clinical Research

At Quinary Clinical Research, innovation meets expertise in the realm of clinical research. As a forward-thinking research startup, Quinary has been dedicated to addressing the significant, yet often overlooked challenges in the clinical research industry.
  • Vision to revolutionize clinical research methodologies
  • Innovative, practical, and efficient solutions
  • Service is designed to simplify the complex
  • Leading niche provider of simple yet unique e-solutions
  • Unlocking new potentials in clinical research
  • Innovating Clinical Research Through Specialized Services

    Service tailored to meet the unique challenges and needs of the clinical research industry
    ECMO (Ethics Committee Management Organization)
    From setup to accreditation, ensuring seamless and compliant operations
    e-IRB (Electronic Institutional Review Board)
    Ensuring improved process management and regulatory compliance
    Project management support with Medtech studies
    Streamlining project management for startup MedTech companies.
    DSMB (Data and Safety Monitoring Board) & Adjudication Services
    Focus on patient safety and data integrity!
    3rd Party Archival
    Secure and compliant storage, ensuring long-term preservation and accessibility

    Regional Ethics Committee Support

    At Quinary, we understand the pivotal role that Regional Ethics Committees play in the landscape of clinical research. Our Regional Ethics Committee Support is designed to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring that your research complies with local ethical standards and regulatory requirements.
    ACE Independent Ethics Committee

    Reg.Number: ECR/141/Indt/KA/2013/RR-19

    City: Bangalore
    Ripon Independent Ethics Committee

    Reg. Number: ECR/299/Indt/TN/2018

    City: Chennai
    S2J Independent Ethics Committee

    Reg. Number: ECR/284/Indt/AP/2017/RR-20

    City: Hyderabad
    SARV Independent Ethics Committee

    Reg. Number: ECR/262/Indt/GJ/2017/RR-20

    City: Gandhidham
    Brij Independent Ethics Committee

    Reg. Number: ECR/160/Indt/GJ/2014

    City: Vadodara

    The Ethical Compass of India: Regional Ethics Committees

    Explore the Nationwide Network of Committees Upholding Ethical Standards in Research and Practice

    Streamlining Clinical Research with Advanced Processes

    At Quinary Clinical Research, we have developed a streamlined and efficient process to transform the way clinical research is conducted. Our approach is designed to simplify complex procedures, ensuring that your research is both efficient and compliant.
    Initial Consultation and Assessment

    We begin with a thorough understanding of your research needs and challenges.

    Celebrating Innovation: Our Official Recognition as a Startup

    Quinary Clinical Research Private Limited: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare & Lifesciences


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    Have questions, insights, or ideas? We're eager to hear from you. Reach out to Quinary Clinical Research Private Limited, and let's discuss how we can make a difference in healthcare and life sciences together.



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